Book "Remembering through Music"
Are you looking for a better connection with people with dementia? 
Here you'll find all the tips and tricks to make you, your environment and people with dementia happier!

Including playlists to sing along, listen and a road book  
to create and build your own successful project.

Hanne Deneire, Composer and author of  the voice of our memory, communicating with flair and remembering through dementia.

Hanne has been working for 10 years with music & people with dementia. She wrote an inspirational manual "The voice of our memory". Later, her book "Remembering through music" was published in Dutch as well as in English. Her pioneering work pushed boundaries in health-care. Hanne likes to reflect on the entire concept: people with dementia, the family ànd care-givers. Always in a creative way and with a great deal of enthusiasm. 

Saskia Van Herzeele – Psychologist

"This method is an immersion in an attitude we all enjoy, but one we too often forget in our every day life. To look at all the good things, to explore and validate the qualities of others, to connect with care and positivity. Music is about timing, creating in the moment. Communicating from your innermost feelings and reflect this attitude onto our care for the people around us, with or without dementia. With all their peculiarities. It is an idealism, but after a day like this I believe it to be possible again. "

Dominique Vergote -Teacher

A fun and inspiring method whilst showing a lot of respect towards the residents and caregivers. We were introduced to the process on how to create an innovation and how easy it is to apply this on people with dementia. Hanne is very enthusiastic and continually sees new possibilities and opportunities. She motivates you to take on a challenge with which you can start right away

Jeroen Meeder – CEO StudieArena 

Hanne Deneire is a musical Jack-of-all-trades. With an infinite amount of positive energy and creativity she is committed to improve the use of music in healthcare to connect the vulnerable. Hanne is a regular speaker at our international conferences. In addition to that, she hosts multiple masterclasses in the Netherlands about the use of music in the daily care for people with dementia. She is an expert and very forward- thinking. Encouraging caregivers to use music as an instrument of interaction, is her mission.

Jonas Oomen, Expert in music, Amsterdam

Everyone should check out 'Remembering through Music' by Hanne Deneire. With this book about implementing music in the daily care of people with dementia, she re-invents the healthcare sector. She is one of the top 5 most- inspiring speakers I have ever heard! 

Wilma Matheij, Fundraiser

The combination of the use of music and change in attitude that is achieved in this approach is very impressive! I highly recommend 'Remembering through Music' to staff members as well as managers of healthcare facilities. This approach is inspiring, innovative and, when implemented well, cost-effective.
Cherish every connection you make with someone with dementia.
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