Remembering through Music

Impact composer Hanne Deneire wrote Remembering through Music,
A handbook for using music to improve the care of people with dementia.

What can you discover?

After years of experiments as a music therapist in elderly homes, Hanne Deneire decided to develop a musical project, Remembering through Music, with which she could reach as many people with dementia as possible, in a short period of time, on a high and intense level through music. 

We know that music triggers the brain of people with dementia and allows them to re-connect with themselves, their families and environment. With this project, Hanne encourages people to use (more) music in the daily care for people with dementia. This does not just mean putting on some music and singing along, but going further than that. It is an entire concept on its own: an attitude. It’s implementing music on the work floor, in their daily care and environment. This way, the residents with dementia, as well as the caregivers, family members and volunteers, feel safe and inspired to communicate musically. 

Music gives people with dementia back their voice and gives them a break from their -sometimes very- isolated lives.

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On the basis of her extensive experiences as a composer and community musician Hanne Deneire has developed her own music pedagogic method ("ManiMelo") for children to introduce them into the world of music. This method is also very suitable for other target groups such as people with dementia, because it is low-thresholded and can enable each person to make music and enjoy it in many ways.

This book is intended as an aid to all carers and other interested persons who want to communicate and make music with people with dementia. Hanne Deneire has been able to gather extensive practical experience in this work field and provides in her book a cornucopia of ideas and helpful practical tips. She herself has organized a lot of concerts and music programs for people with dementia and their families like "A different dementia in music” and musical activation programs like "The Voice of our Memory".

In the first part of the book, Deneire informs about the disease dementia and the communication and interaction with the people affected. And she presents her ManiMelo method, which includes both musical and social elements. In the next chapters Deneire provides detailed information on the possibilities to make music with people with dementia (singing, playing the instrument, moving, listening to music). And Deneire shows how music groups with elderly people – also intergeneratively – can be built up in nursing homes. Photos, practice and case examples illustrate her method and make the book an absolute recommendation for those who would like to make music with persons with dementia. All the chapters of this book bear witness to Deneire´s great experience in working with people with dementia. At the end of this book the reader find some ideas for research in the field of dementia and music. The appendix contains dementia tests and a substantial bibliography. 

Prof. Dr. Theo Hartogh, University of Vechta, Germany

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